Wristband Colors

Whether you are ordering for school spirit, company branding, event security or awarness, we can make any color for you! There are different molding methods that you can select to make your wristband order unique for your oranization or event.

1. Solid Color

Your wristband will be one color all the way around where you can choose to have a different color text with the Color-Fill or Pop-Out style options.

2. Segmented 

One half of your wristband is one color and the other half is another color. This is a great option to incorperate a clean look to multi color bands if you prefer not to go with a tie-die or swirl color band.

3. Swirl

Colors are swirld together to make a tie-die or camoflauge look. It is important to note that swirling colors toghther will create a third color in between the space that your colors meet.